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Why join the navy when you can be a pirate?


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Serie of 1336 NFT & Physical assets


Released in multiple drops.

First: Q1 2022

Others: TBA

Why join the crew?

be part of a unique community of creators,

create unique artistic experience & project IRL & web3,

priority access to exclusive drop,

a percentage of each of our NFT drop directly sent to you and the community wallet,

access to private 1336’s events,

share decisions & treasury with the community,

privileged connection with 1336’s staff and artists.

To know

  • We bet on the quality, not quantity. Every drop has limited places
  • We looking for people who share our value & motivation to grow as a community
  • Technical skills is fine, but priority to culture, interest and passion before professional background
  • Membership application is an important part of the member selection but it’s not a dissertation, write like you’re writing to a friend.
  • It may take maximum one week for us to review your application.

Hope to see you in the community soon.

Let’s go?

We Create Innovative Digi-physical Products and Experiences. 

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